Crafting Scrapbooks

Crafting Scrapbooks – Memories to treasure, will stay forever…..

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Express your feeling and emotions by storing your precious photo graphs in a beautiful way that will last for years. We click a thousand pictures and then they are just lying around in the storages for years. Charu Shah will teach you on how to bring these pictures to life so you and your loved ones can cherish it more often.

She has over 30 years of creative experience, owner of the popular  Capricorn Party Shop has now started teaching Crafting Scrapbooks. Age is not a barrier, At 59 she is keen to share a creative side with people and wants to give something to the community. In this fast growing digital world where people spend more time with screens than with people, she will help you re-live some memories that you love and cherish. Create paper patch works, laces, ribbons, studs etc. with beautiful quotes that match the photographs and the occasion.

It is the most precious gift you can ever give your loved one. Spend some time to customize and make a personal momento that you and your loved one will appreciate for years to come. A popular trend in the West has still a long way to travel in India. There are shops in the west that have huge collections and things only to make scrap books. It is a way to spend time with some beautiful memories that you have cherished and will love to for the years to come.

All types of Scrapbooks that capture memoires across childhood, travel, vintage, cooking, best friends, music, sports, and many more can be conceptualized. Apart from teaching she also takes orders to make these.


To view the video of some of our work click My Memories Video